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I now have big green balls!

Just the one fox pooh, that was it, and what a fuss. Why they don't like the fact I camouflage my smell so I can creep up on rats I don't know. There's really no appreciating for the effort I put in to it. Well I have had my bath and Jarmies (pyjamas) and I am smelling like a bottle of baby shampoo. Not quite what I had in mind and now the rats are pointing and laughing. 
My owners have had a new shipment of 48cm diameter topiary balls. They are the most natural and realistic I have seen. Reckon I could slip in side one they are so big and roll into a better attacking position for the rats. It's a bit like tumble weed across the yard with me in the middle, but not sure how long I will get away with it. Getting out of the ball for the final attack is proving troublesome.
Screenshot 2016-02-07-13-49-33
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It's time to brighten up the place

Hi, It's me, Arthur the Yard Dog at Savrow Uk ltd, the place to come if you want the most realistic Artificial Topiary Balls on the market.  I've seen a new shipment of these flower balls which are the size of a football 33cm diameter and great to hang up either side of your front door to make a grand and very natural statement. At only £15.99 and a complete no quibble guarantee, you can't afford not to try them out! Have a look at our other balls too, and remember my bosses can offer any advice you need.Range of Topiary advert3

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Grass heaven

Not exactly as it sounds, although I have been known to mellow out a little when the occassion takes me, but I have to say having been going though some favourite photos of mine, I came across this picture of a car in Torquay.  What a beaut!  I didn't know where to start to be honest cos it was getting me all excited.  Well, desperate to do something very natural all over it but as you see, the lead is just about to be pulled so I got no chance to do anything.  I did look, around the back to see if it had any balls but the owners obviously hadn't noticed the great deal with Artificial Topiary Balls at the moment.  The Balls are top quality and great value with an extra 10% off if you spend over £18.00 Why not take a look!


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