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Planters coming! Oh boy, boring to dogs!

Okay, here I am, the yard dog for Savrow Uk Ltd Artificial Topiary balls, a title full of pressure and responsibility.  I was enjoying the sun looking cute and all that but now even that has gone for a couple of days.  And there's no rats, not even a mouse to catch in this yard so to be honest I'm feeling a little redundant.  My owners are getting very excited as they are expecting a large selection of Planters to arrive.  Can't see what's so exciting.  Not a bone amongst all of it and to be honest, what am I going to do with an oversized metal plant pot?  I realise I should be selling this stuff to you but lets face it, what's in it for me?  I have got attitude after all, and I'm proud of that.  

Zinc Planters for your plants or artificial topiary balls will be available in the next few days if not already when you read this, and all found on amazon under Savrow Uk Ltd or on our website link very soon here!

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