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Welcome. I am Arthur, the Yard Dog for Savrow Uk Ltd. I am a Border Terrier / Jack Russell cross with attitude and will tell it how it is, but what my owners do insist on is that I am 1. Helpful, 2. Let you know of any deals going on 3.Not to Pooh in the yard, 4. Let you know of any new ball types we will be getting such as Holly balls for Xmas 5. Suggest presents for your relatives and friends when you haven't a clue what to do. 6 Not to have too strong an opinion on things as it could get my owners in trouble... I cannot expect to stick to that one. 7. Not to hassle you in any way by bombarding you with irritating emails.

Enjoy... !

Yes, I've been skipping through the bluebells

blue bells

I was taking a very matcho run through the woods with the owner of Savrow Uk Ltd, as you do, and I weed across these flowers.  I didn't weed them, I sort of weed on them if you see what I mean. Anyway it came to me thinking that it makes great sense to advertise the Flower Topiary Balls on our website at a vastly reduced rate. They are pretty gorgeous, about the size of a football and are a lovely change to the standard Topiary Ball or to give a place a more natural feel.  Take a look and see what you think!

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It's time to brighten up the place
Great sales on Topiary balls at our beautiful site...

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