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Chillin by the pool

Dog Planters

My owners have painted the wall nice and wihte which gives me a nice reflection of heat off the wall yet I nestle in the shade of the wall too, so some say it's a dogs life.  Contemplating who to vote for in the election. Difficult to say really... do I like lamb or beef more... tricky.   Or more accurately do I dislike lettuce or Cabbage more.  Much nicer are these 38cm artificial Topiary Balls from Savrow Uk ltd are only £17.99 and you can get them here!

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I've been a lazy dog

I have been watching my master do some painting on the walls outside.  I can see it makes it a lot brighter and now the Topiary Balls stick out beautifully against the white.  This evening the lights shine off it as they come on automatically.  Those Solar light Topiary are something special and I can see them shining off the new white walls.  Just have to jet wash the patio slabs now and that should be it.  My owner told me off for weeing against one of the Topiary pots. I call it my own little jet wash.  Never pleasing some.

Arthur  Swimming Pool

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Balls are flying out, now the Sun is here

Wow, the summer is here!  it's time to look at your house or business and make that very easy decision to use either hanging baskets or our Artificial Topiary Balls.  Have a look at our site for great value Artificial Topiary Balls.  The Easter has brought the rush on so order fast if you want to brighten up your premises with these wonderfully realistic artificial Topiary and flower balls which are all UV protected from the sun.  Have a look at our very simple here to use site! Receive your Balls either over the week or next day.

Daisy web

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Huge Balls at 47cm diameter down in price to just £34.99

We have just reduced our prices of our huge Artificial Topiary Balls 47cm Topiary balls to just £34.99.  So if you have those large planters you want to make a statement in the try these! Make the most of the beautiful weather that is now coming and smarten up the front of your premises with these other Topiary Balls at 38cm diameter or even some Heather or flower balls all absolutely beautiful and fully protected from the sun. All incredible competitive prices and all from Torbay! Click here to get right to where you need to be!38 use

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Spring is here, all is looking good and we have solar balls now

I know, we have Solar balls 38cm diameter with LED diamond white lighting, all are UV protected of course so won't fade, and only £27.99 each.  Solar in Pots 300

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