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Wow, Spring is here... well...

okay, almost spring is here, but there is definitely a milder glow to the frost and there is that big yellow blob in the sky half hidden by the clouds.  What is certain is the daffodils are out in force and I have a photo to prove it.  You can see these daffodils coming through one of our Heather balls (£15.99) and this particular Heather has been in place for two winters and a summer and still looks perfect where it sits very naturally.  Remember you can hang them up too.  Have a lovely weekend all. Daffodil

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Grass heaven

Not exactly as it sounds, although I have been known to mellow out a little when the occassion takes me, but I have to say having been going though some favourite photos of mine, I came across this picture of a car in Torquay.  What a beaut!  I didn't know where to start to be honest cos it was getting me all excited.  Well, desperate to do something very natural all over it but as you see, the lead is just about to be pulled so I got no chance to do anything.  I did look, around the back to see if it had any balls but the owners obviously hadn't noticed the great deal with Artificial Topiary Balls at the moment.  The Balls are top quality and great value with an extra 10% off if you spend over £18.00 Why not take a look!


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What a lovely day today. Perhaps brighten up your frontage?

Hello all,  I like to see nothing more, than watching a couple of balls swinging in the breeze so why not purchase a couple of our amazing 38cm diameter Topiary Balls and get 10% off with the Code twit10.  In the meantime, here's a cute photo of me on an outing recently. Arthur2

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We PROMISE to get your balls to you by Friday 13th Feb if you purchase by the end of Today 11.02.15

Valentines day is nearly on us and we have some incredible balls here at great prices.  We will get your order to you by Friday 13th Feb if you purchase before midday tomorrow so hurry! A perfect Valentines gift www.topiary-balls.co.uk

38 useDaisy webWhite Topiary webPink Topiary web

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Valentines day guys, you have to look at this

What better Valentines present than these origninal, incredible value for money and stunningly beautiful  Heather Balls.  They are UV protected and come ready to hang up.  Incredibly lifelike and will last for years!  Go ahead, try them because you can always send them back for a full refund if you or your partner is not completely happy.  DSCN2168

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