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I wanted to be a police dog

I did, I wanted to be a Police Dog and use that Taser gun on a few rats but they said I didn't meet the height restrictions.  That's such discrimination.  Had to be a Yard Dog for Savrow Topiary Balls instead.  I get to push my weight around now and then, all one foot height of me.  It's pretty busy at the moment, the bosses have put out a facebook10 discount code to get 10% off anything if you spend over £18.00.  Have a look at these ones with frost on them. You can use it on anything, even if you aren't in facebook!


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facebook10 coupon for 10% Off until Valentines Day!

10% off!!  It's a pretty cool offer to be honest, with these prices why not choose the perfect valintines gift for your partner, and even if it ends up for your self, then hey who cares, the result is the same!  Just put in the code facebook10 for a spend of over £18.00 and you recieve a whole 10% off the total value.  Have a look at the variety of balls, there is plenty to choose from, and get a couple for your mother too why not!

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Spring is Just around the corner. Yes, I know, really!

As a cool dog that I am, I was taking a quick mosey around the garden for the morning wee, when I came across this.  If you take a look, you will see, past the weeds and the incredibly robust and colourful Heather Ball that are such a great deal at the moment, and you will see the start of a daffodil.  That's proof isn't it?! Spring is here! Heather

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I am a star...

Yes I am... you can view my video

and see why I am getting to be quite a star with over 12,000 hits for my surfing across a swimming pool! That hot weather seems quite some time away but in fact Easter is just around the corner.  Take advantage of these Winter prices and bag your balls now!

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Looking Forward To The Spring Now!

Well I'm a fat dog after Christmas with all that Turkey I've had.  My owner didn't intend me to have quite so much of it of course, but he was careless by going out of the room when he did.  I did the ears back flat trick and the cutest look I could and got away with it as usual.  Suckers!  Well spring is around the corner, I know it's just gone Christmas but it will be here before you know it!  We always get really busy around Easter so why not plan early and make use of the cheaper prices this time of year by ordering some balls now?!  There is so much to chose from!

www.topiary-balls.co.uk Arthur 1

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