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It's Cold, it's coming up to Christmas, and I have the perfect present...

Yes, it's the frosted imitation Rosemary Ball, or the pink budded flower Topiary all long lasting and UV protected.  www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/decorative-topiary When I say perfect, I mean if you are human, I prefer a bone or a cardboard tube... or a slightly dodgy sausage, you get the drift... Although if you put a treat inside the ball, then I would like that, but can't say that is recommended. I see the Scots have lowered their drink drive limit.  Leading the way of the United Kingdom, well done them!  Previously known as the most reckless with alcohol, and now known as the most wise.  It will be interesting if there is a single Scottish driver after a week who hasn't been banned, but that will help the taxi and bus businesses.  Sorry Scotland, the myth has to be quashed once and for all.  Leave it to us soft southerners to have the way too high drink drive limits.  We hope to follow your good example shortly. Drink Driver

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I'm getting a little chilled you know

Summer seems months ago, okay, mainly because it is months away, but we are really getting a good look from our Solar balls!  The lights are those bright, bright diamond bright led lights which last for about 8 hours, so from 6pm to 2am they will shine bright for your neighbours to see, and all free energy!  You can buy a couple for just over £55.   I prefer to be inside the house however.  The fire is on and I'm always pretty near to it.  Stay warm out there! www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/solar-lit-30-led-artificial-topiary-ball-garden

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it's coming up to Christmas!

Those nights are drawing in and the temperatures are chilling right to the bone. There's nothing I like better than to snuggle up to my fire. My owners took their bloody time though. I hinted by  scattering firewood liberally around the house. They got there in the end bless them. The fools,  why don't they just keep the fire on? Duh!   For an Christmas present, why not look at my solar balls with their 30 diamond white led lights.  Very Christmasy!

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white van man.

I was just as upset as that lady MP about white van man and the England flag house. There should have been some topiary balls brightening the place up. 

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Rain, Rain and Rain...

It's been pretty wet over the passed couple of months hasn't it.  It's blown my balls a bit but they are nice and clean after the rain.  Very pleased about that really.  I love going for walks in it to be honest by my owner insists on putting this coat on me.  I mean really.  How am I to impress all the bitches in the area?  Remember our frosty balls.  Have a look at these.  So cool and look amazing outside your house for the winter.  Frosty! www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/decorative-topiary/rosemary-flower-topiary-detail

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