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Halloween here we come

Well Halloween is here.  I have to lie in wait for those trick or treaters.  I'm not a violent sort of dog but I think if there was a time I could mix a little real blood with some fake stuff then this is the night.  A little ankle bite is acceptable I reckon, and the police are far too busy dealing with noisy parties to send their snipers after me.  In the mean time, I have to tell you about the frosty Rosemary that looks so cool outside your house or work place on a winters day.  So different and life like... no blood included. www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/decorative-topiary/rosemary-flower-topiary-detail woohhaaaaaaaaaaf.


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Now the clocks have gone back, have another hour of solar lighting!

Why not make the most of the extra dark hour and light it up with a Solar ball! www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/solar-lit-30-led-artificial-topiary-ball-garden/solar-lit-30-led-artificial-topiary-ball-detail



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Ukip we all kip

I'm so glad UKIP got a Seat in the Houses of Parliment.  For someone to get me a nice comfy seat then to order 'You Kip'.  I'll vote for that! Just show me to the seat with all those dusty men sleeping and I'll join them in a good kip too.  By the way, my Big 47cm Balls, Topiary Balls that is,  are selling well where they are perfect for planting in big planters.  Balls!


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Human Rights or Criminal Rights?

So I was lying down amongst the Flower Topiary   slowly contemplating life when I was thinkiing about the contemplation of opting out of Human Rights,  as you do.  Does this mean that prisoners won't be able to get legal aid to sue the government any more when they have withdrawral symptoms from drugs and all that? Oh Dear.  What about those guys who hate us British even though we gave him and his one hand and a hook benefits.  My cousin bit that hand off you know.  He's from Manchester and well hard.  So I'm told. 


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Balls to everything

I was thinking in the yard today... that bloke who joined UKIP from the Conservatives. Why do you think he did it?  Is it cos he thought he was a no body in the big party of the Conservatives?  Now he is headlines so do you think he did it to be in the lime light and have his name in lights.  Don't get me wrong, I am not Conservative, or Labour or Liberal.  I am 'Vote Arthur'.  An independant!  Yes, vote for me.  I'll stop the Cats and rats coming through our borders.  Well in fact, I'd like more of those so I think I have just changed my mind.  It's just the Yorkies I don't like.  Call me Racist, but I just cannot stand that breed.  Someone compared me to one the other day... yuk! Oh yeah, here's a picture of a girl kissing me. 



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