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New Balls Please

Hello all,

There has been a mass of activity at the Savrow Topiary Ball Yard over the past week with the arrival of some bigger balls.  Well they are 47cm in diameter so perfect for a business frontage.  Our previous largest balls were 38cm which tend to be perfect for houses.  The large ones can be used in commercial premises such as Shopping Centres etc.  I saw a rat in the yard the other day... no, not a sales man, even better than that, a big fat one that hid under a lorry.  I soon saw it off out of the gate.  Well, through the gate, up the street, into a school playground, and for some reason the little humans started shouting 'Dog in the playground, Dog in the playground' then started running after me, until they saw I was running after a rat and then, well all chaos reigned and the next thing I noticed was my owner shouting from the fence with a particularly red face.  Can't understand it personally, so ungrateful. 


Arthur small


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Have a look at these Pink Flower Topiary Balls

I managed to find a pretty comfortable bit in the office here, and found a nice comfy bed including these artificial Pink Flower bud Topiary balls to lie with.  Ok, I'm not saying you should put them in your dog basket, but my owners tend to say they are very popular if you want a hanging basket but not necessarily a Topiary ball then give these a go.  Also available in white buds!  Only £16.99 each and completely out door proof! http://www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/decorative-topiary/pink-flower-topiary-211-detail


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The summer is nearly over...

What an incredible summer we have had.   I've been on holiday surfing as usual, and now I'm back being the yard dog for Savrow Topiary Balls.  It's good to be back cos there are loads of new sniffs about.  The evenings are getting shorter now so we are selling Solar Balls like they are Poodle bottoms... I am a dog after all.  Sorry about that.  Have a look around the web site.  The flower ones are so unique and totally realistic too!



Arthur the dog.

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I've been doing a bit of surfing on holiday...

Hi Guys,

I've been on holiday because chasing other dogs, cats and a couple of rats takes alot out of you.  Here is a link to my escapades on holiday... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DCtMKXt1t0

Oh yeah, I reckon I will be a major celeb dog before very long.  I may have to take over the company.  Those nutters who own this company are selling those Large Solar topiary for only £23.00 with free shipping, oh yeah, 30 led lights which burn for 8 hours over night.  Cheap now but won't be in the winter and they look exactly the same as the 38cm Topiary during the day.  http://www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/solar-lit-30-led-artificial-topiary-ball-garden/solar-lit-30-led-artificial-topiary-ball-detail


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Free Shipping now the summer is here!

Hi, I've been chillin around the yard recently... well you know, sun bathing mostly and trying to look busy.  I am in a good mood after that so have persuaded the old boss to sell everything with free shipping!  You just got to take advantage of that.  Those pink flowered balls and White flowered balls are stunning to hang.  Remember, we are always competitive.  Here's a selfie by the way.


Try these, so lovely!


Remember -  Free Shipping

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