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Wow, we have a sale on Heather and Solar balls!


Yes, as Arthur Savrow, the Yard dog, I insisted that we have a sale on the Heather balls as they are cracking for the summer, and quite big (33cm diameter) so you can use them in pots or hang them and they are so different than the Topiary balls.  It's good cos, they bring more out the warehouse and I end up using them as large beach balls around the yard.  Got into trouble last time doing it, but hey ho.  They do have a few of them so I don't know why they were so touchy about it.  World Cup... may watch England tonight and see them fall about pretending to be injured for 90 minutes, or I could watch some Rugby and watch them pretending not to be injured for 80 minutes.  Choices, choices.

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My First Blog


I cannot believe I have full on power to write anything I want here... Sorry, did I say I was Arthur the Border / Jack Russell dog who is the yard dog of Savrow Uk Ltd Topiary Balls?  I will put some photos on for you to show you my adventures but I will also help you out with what deals are on, and suggest presents for you and your friends and relatives.  I will promise not to bore you too much... cannot guarantee to behave entirely and have an opinion on world affairs.  Holy pooh, a dog with an opinion, oh yeah! 

... editor - Arthur, remember this is your chance to show how responsible you are, and you mustn't forgo your usual chores you get paid for...

Hang on!  This is my blog, so blog off.  Just to show you how responsible I am, I can let people know where they can get a great deal on these solar light things that give 8 hours of bright diamond white lights, 30 led lights in fact, and they are UV protected so look pretty good from where I am standing.  Underneath them having a pee usually, but here they are!http://www.topiary-balls.co.uk/savrow-topiary-balls-categories/solar-lit-30-led-artificial-topiary-ball-garden

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