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New Year and a new start

It's been an incredible year, but time to be gone with the old and in with the new.  To celebrate, I went to see my owners 80 year old mother in Newquay, Cornwall.  As you see from the photo, I have managed to get her well under my paw.  Give that little look and the treats just come out. I even dragged her down 133 steps into Lusty Glaze Beach, for a run.  In fairness she has got two new hips so I was doing her a favour by giving them a good try out.  It's time now to start with the new Topiary Balls we have.  Have a look at the collection and see what you think.  Remember if you are not happy at all then just send them back!  All great prices and the quality is pretty damned good too.  Happy New Year everyone! 20160102 165042

20160103 145710 006 2

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It's time to brighten up the place

Hi, It's me, Arthur the Yard Dog at Savrow Uk ltd, the place to come if you want the most realistic Artificial Topiary Balls on the market.  I've seen a new shipment of these flower balls which are the size of a football 33cm diameter and great to hang up either side of your front door to make a grand and very natural statement. At only £15.99 and a complete no quibble guarantee, you can't afford not to try them out! Have a look at our other balls too, and remember my bosses can offer any advice you need.Range of Topiary advert3

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Yes, I've been skipping through the bluebells

blue bells

I was taking a very matcho run through the woods with the owner of Savrow Uk Ltd, as you do, and I weed across these flowers.  I didn't weed them, I sort of weed on them if you see what I mean. Anyway it came to me thinking that it makes great sense to advertise the Flower Topiary Balls on our website at a vastly reduced rate. They are pretty gorgeous, about the size of a football and are a lovely change to the standard Topiary Ball or to give a place a more natural feel.  Take a look and see what you think!

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Great sales on Topiary balls at our beautiful site.

Hi, I'm Arthur the dog, and this is my blog.  I have been having a great time in the garden today, just chillin out a bit to be honest.  My owners kids are doing their GCSE revision and I'm staying well out of it.  Glad us dogs don't have those exams, although the other day I had to make an educational guess on which piece of ham had my worm tablet in so I could do the Houdini of tricks with my tongue to spit the tablet out after swallowing the ham.  My owner at Savrow Uk Ltd has been mowing the lawn.  I stopped proceedings for a while as you see.  Well, I have to show them who is boss don't I.  Incidentally , the Flower topiary have great sales on at the moment to welcome the summer in.  It's hot, hot, hot! Have a gander at the site, don't worry, my owners don't harass customers with emails.



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See our Solar lit LED Topiary Balls. Utterly Beautiful

solar narrow twitter

This is how our Solar Balls look.  Utterly beautiful and last 10 hours with their LED lighting.  No maintenance required.  Just place them, and then admire them.  Only £27.99 each and 38cm diameter.  UV protected so will not fade.  Completely transform your garden or business premises.  Catch the eye of the passer by.  Can also be hung up of course, or placed in planters.

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