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So what are you going to do?

Remember to take a rest if you can and just relax over Easter.  It often gets a bit busy with all those things to do at home but I found it really important to get my ball and run around a nearby beach in Torquay where I live.  Of course my owners insisted on coming along but you can't have everthing.  They've been really busy recently with a new shipment of brand new design planters I thought were pretty cool.  All weather proof so would be good at surviving me marking my territory.  Don't worry, yours will be in boxes!  Have a look here and see what you think!20170412 145235   

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Arthur the Terrier does it again...

Well my owners took me for a quick rant around the woods and I managed to find some pretty smelly stuff which I thought I would use to disguise my clean, fresh smell which was, quite frankly, completely giving me away to my quarry I was hunting.  Those squirrels were laughing at me from the tree tops taking the complete mick out of my essence of lavender wafting through the woodland branches... so over I went and rubbed this thick goey treacle deep into my neck, and strangly enough, my owners at the yard were not too impressed.  So here I was...  confined to the shower... not impressed.20170310 224632

Secretly I quite like the shower as it's better than the hose.  In the mean time, I have to advertise some planters.  Modern, different than you've seen anywhere else, and very reasonable.  I think they'll go fast.  Take a look here, here and here!

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Planters coming! Oh boy, boring to dogs!

Okay, here I am, the yard dog for Savrow Uk Ltd Artificial Topiary balls, a title full of pressure and responsibility.  I was enjoying the sun looking cute and all that but now even that has gone for a couple of days.  And there's no rats, not even a mouse to catch in this yard so to be honest I'm feeling a little redundant.  My owners are getting very excited as they are expecting a large selection of Planters to arrive.  Can't see what's so exciting.  Not a bone amongst all of it and to be honest, what am I going to do with an oversized metal plant pot?  I realise I should be selling this stuff to you but lets face it, what's in it for me?  I have got attitude after all, and I'm proud of that.  

Zinc Planters for your plants or artificial topiary balls will be available in the next few days if not already when you read this, and all found on amazon under Savrow Uk Ltd or on our website link very soon here!

20161218 155842

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Holly Balls for Christmas! Just £15.99

As the yard dog of Savrow Uk Ltd, I can tell you about some pretty cool balls that have just been delivered.  Obviously I got hold of one and got shouted at for some unknown reason.  They aren't as prickly as you would think because, well, they aren't real but I didn't tell you that right?  I think I am supposed to say they are UV protected and all that, so lets hope for some Christmas sun to try that out! Only £15.99 with free delivery too! Click Here

  Holly ball Arthur.jpg   2 Best Artificial TM 30cm Holly Balls Christmas Topiary Xmas Hanging Basket Outdoor 0

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I now have big green balls!

Just the one fox pooh, that was it, and what a fuss. Why they don't like the fact I camouflage my smell so I can creep up on rats I don't know. There's really no appreciating for the effort I put in to it. Well I have had my bath and Jarmies (pyjamas) and I am smelling like a bottle of baby shampoo. Not quite what I had in mind and now the rats are pointing and laughing. 
My owners have had a new shipment of 48cm diameter topiary balls. They are the most natural and realistic I have seen. Reckon I could slip in side one they are so big and roll into a better attacking position for the rats. It's a bit like tumble weed across the yard with me in the middle, but not sure how long I will get away with it. Getting out of the ball for the final attack is proving troublesome.
Screenshot 2016-02-07-13-49-33
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